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Faculty of Law

Department of  Public Law

Message from the HOD

Dear students , I specially welcome you to the Department of Public Law, Faculty of Law of our noble institution, National Open University of Nigeria.
Although, Faculty of Law runs only one programme, the various departments are still important and are created for administrative and convenience purposes. This is to further enhance the output of the lecturers in the Faculty and to help our students perform optimally during their course of study. The Department of Public Law collaborates with other departments to ensure quality delivery and provide conducive academic environment for students of law in National Open University of Nigeria.
It is the aim of the Department to compliment the efforts of the management of the University by employing every avenue available to ensure we turn out quality, competent and self-reliant graduates every year. We therefore, take facilitation of the courses in the department serious and urge our students not to toy with the opportunity being offered by the University in creating the platform for improved online facilitation.
Your overall and in particular, academic success is our priority in the Department and we will do everything within our reach to help you shine and make National Open University of Nigeria proud. Do not hesitate therefore, to reach out to us for assistance on any issues that your center could not provide answer.
Thank and God bless you

Dr. Agama, Ferdinand Onwe




Public law is the aspect of law that governs relations between legal persons and a government as well as, between different institutions within a state. Public law also regulates the relationships among different branches of governments, and between persons of influence in society.
Public law consists of constitutional law, administrative law, taxation law as well as criminal law. It also includes all procedural law. Public law differs from private law in that, while it governs issues that affect the entire society, private laws are concerned with relationships between individuals within the society.
In the undergraduate level, there is no specialization in a particular aspect of law. Law students are therefore required to be conversant with every aspect of civil law.

List of Public Law Courses offered in the Faculty

Course CodeCourse Title
PUL241Human Rights Law I
PUL242Human Rights Law II
PUL243Constitutional Law I
PUL244Constitutional Law II
PUL321Environmental Law I
PUL322Environmental Law II
PUL341Criminal Law I
PUL342Criminal Law II
PUL411Oil and Gas Law I
PUL412Oil and Gas Law II
PUL445Law of Evidence I
PUL446Law of Evidence II
PUL443Administrative Law I
PUL444Administrative Law II
PUL433Law of Taxation I
PUL433Law of Taxation II

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