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About Faculty of Law

About The Faculty

The Faculty of Law, National Open University of Nigeria was established in February 2004, and was transposed to school status in 2007 with the appointment of Prof. Justus A. Sokefun as the Dean. The Faculty system came into existence in June 2016 and Dr. Alero Akujobi served as Dean from 2016 to 2018, Dr. Adakole E. Odike was Dean from 2018 to 2020 and Dr. Ernest Ogwashi Ugbejeh is the current Dean.

Our Vision

To be the foremost Faculty in Africa for the award of degrees in various disciplines of Law through the Open and Distance Learning mode.

Our Mission

To distinguish itself in the area of teaching, by effectively presenting a balance between entrenched theoretical principles of law and the requirements of legal practice in order to deliver well-rounded students.
In the area of research, to distinguish itself by conducting research into relevant areas and discipline of specific issues published in textbooks and leading journals and conveyed through teaching.


The programme is to contribute significantly to the enrichment and enhancement of legal study and practice. It is designed to ensure that graduates of Law will have a clear understanding of its place and importance in the Society. It is to provide legal education within the realms of a dynamic social-political environment that encompasses the national and international trends. The programme is to create an environment that encourages intellectual rigour, critical and analytical engagement as well as profound ethical standard. Legal education should, therefore, act, first, as stimulus to stir the student into critical analysis and examination of the prevailing social, economic and political systems of his/her community and, secondly as an intellectual exercise aimed at studying and assessing the operation, efficacy and relevance of various rules of Law in the society.
In the formation of the curriculum of this course, care has been taken to ensure that Law will be taught as it exists at any given moment and that the students will be comparative in their approach to legal studies, bearing in mind that there are many systems of Law i.e Statutory Law, Common Law, Customary Law and Islamic Law concurrently in operation. The programme will produce law graduates who can compete actively in legal, social, political, social and economic developments on a global scale.

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